No Slave

by The Tooth

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Engineered by Jacob Scott at Closet Studios


released November 24, 2015



all rights reserved


The Tooth Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Disconnect
Annotating the lucid pain
Discovering barren thoughts
Lack of pulsating nerves
My empty shell will be a requiem

I watched you pray for me on your knees at the feet of a higher being
What a waste
What a waste (I'm falling in and out of consciousness)

Acts of caring will create endless ripples
The acts you gave caused me to stray to a place I can't get out of
The deceased rest in peace in my head
I tried to cop with the stains in my brain
I tried to communicate the pain, but I was turned away

Black lungs, black liver
Blacked out, black figures

My life is hanging by a single thread
Metamorphosing illustration on my ceiling
Metamorphosing on my ceiling
The cold steel, brushing against my tongue
Track Name: Blood of the Innocent
Plaguing the streets with guns in hand
Ignorant, belligerent, always reprimand
Other who don't wear the same uniform
Ignoring the rights of life forms

Chemical imbalance?
Fix it with these pills
Ignore the eye and together we'll fall
Our ties as our nooses and nation is our grave
Tombstones for the weak and depraved
Media consuming cerebral cortex

The pigs feed us slop
Closed off heart and grin, while you're ripped from the seams
Tyranny, masquerade, it's all disbelief
Media consuming cerebral cortex

Playing the victim, then you boast that you are free
Is it religious freedom when you only agree?
How can you sleep?
Eyes shut and orders served

Brain melted, no questions asked
Morality is gone
The slow suicide
Disgusting cretins

The blood of the innocent is just entertainment
Track Name: Malum
Saluum me Pater
Diablousen cor meum
My hatred is vigorous

Wrapped in a cloak of malady

Why are you asleep with the worms?
Why are you buried with
Why are you asleep with
Why are you buried with

O' my Father, my maker
What do you bid?
I'll trudge this plane of existence
Blind from these clenched-fist resentments

The blood and sweat of my labors
Fueled by the demons that linger
In my mind
Am I blind?

False promises
Lost holiness
Why are you hanging on that cross?
Life giver, I nailed you there
And would probably do it again
Track Name: Opiate Dreams
Jolted awake
Never escape from the dark, commencing cataclysm
Silhouettes are dancing around my bed
I can't let the dead bury the dead

Reaching for god, grasping air
Preparation for death
Your words are snares preying on undeveloped mind
Opiate dreams, I'll rest my eyes

Silhouettes dancing above my bed
Beating the bone white drums of suffering and death
Reminding me of repugnant memories
And reminiscing all of my insecurities

Why did the filthy insect eat out his stomach?
The blackness hollows out everything around it
The damage of this family isn't something that I wanted to see
What were you thinking? What were you thinking?
your religion is full of hypocrisy

I lay awake with this deep and heavy cough
Liver shot
I scream at my ceiling in the middle of the night, no reply

Haven't you wanted to burn?
Track Name: From My Roots
I'm no longer a slave

Claims of seeing visions when loved ones die
To make the pain disappear and subside

I'm no longer a slave

The only disease that we should fear is ignorance inside mankind
Fueled by thing you cannot understand
No more wondering if you'll find me on the floor
Bled out and hoping that there's no more

I'm no longer a slave
Track Name: Body & Mind
This is now ten years running, in pain
The mind of a cynic plagues my life
Dwelling in the catacombs that I've sculpted and molded
Burdens of this world manifesting
Living, inside my own mind

Hatred building up
I won't bite my tongue
Furious at the world
Sacrifice your body and mind

I'm tired of the pain. I'm tired of the constant racing of the mind. I'm tired of wishing I could crash my car, and I'm tired of being there and not having others. How many more years? How much longer of this wretched abuse of the mind? Fighting the urge, fighting back the anger. Finding myself alone is my strong point. Finding the urge to not leave my room. Finding out I can't cope without a substance. I think of myself as pathetic. So in these songs I sacrifice my body and mind.

Sacrifice your body and your mind