by The Tooth

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released August 29, 2013

Ryan Richie and Casey Brajevich at Polar Pig
James Hartman (guest vocals in Brother and visual media)
Drake Yeager



all rights reserved


The Tooth Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Dimensions
Four walls, for one reason. Find the key find the answer. A man in white and a woman in black. Freedom or slavery, the choice is yours. She beautiful. But she is deadly. Her skin is soft, but her bite is worse. You filthy snake in the grass. You filthy snake. Reptilian, our brains are beyond comprehension. Reptilian. Chemicals, chemicals in the brain. Chemicals they lead to destruction. Chemicals in the brain they lead to destruction. We can't find our star lines tonight, we cannot find our handicaps now. We fall into different dimensions, our blood it pours and forms an ocean. We fall into different dimensions, the blood flows through our body, in our golden veins. Our head sinking into this fallen world.
Track Name: Gluttony
My darker side tends to lash out at night. Reminding me of how dirty my skin is. I know I'm a lack of a better man. I know I'm a lack of a better man. Release me, release me into the ocean. In a coffin. Release me, release me into the ocean in a coffin. I'm better off being contained in the dampness. I'm better off sleeping with the worms. I'm better off being contained in the darkness I'm better off having the flesh peeled from my bones. A filthy rag is all it proclaims that we are. Used and bruised, are you happy with yourself? There's more to life, there's more to life. there's more to life. There's more to than what your feeding yourself. There's more to than what your shoving down your throat. Gluttony, is our best friend. Gluttony, is him.
Track Name: Necro
Slithering. crawling into the mouths of any open trap. Cobwebs. cobwebs. Rolling in disease. Rolling in filth. Rotting form the inside, rotting from my brain. Rotting from my heart. Rotting into the, rotting into ground. Sheol, oh lonely sheol..My only home. Six feet under, isn't close enough to hell. I am scum. I am no one. Decay of my body decay of my soul I'm a walking corpse, we are all walking corpse. This rock is my home, this rock is an empty grave.
Track Name: Trumpet
From the dirt. We are instruments, not puppets in need of a puppeteer. But tools to make a revolution, mouths to speak, not down. But forward, not hate, but love. (sound the horn!) We preach to the "profits". We make our own "miracles". We build our own "temples", we've sounded no horn, we've sounded no horn. We walk our cross with the damned. x5 Back to the grave. x5 Back to the grave, let the dead bury the dead.
Track Name: Spiders
The darkness of our nature, the rotten fruit we spit from our mouths. Maggot filled food we drink the blood of our enemies. Consume. but, physically feel accepted. "Steal, kill, destroy" x3 We point with crooked fingers, attached to crooked spine. If an empty bank account is what defines you, you have lost the meaning of living. Kill the overseer. Burn the currency. Decimate the fake leaders. Restore humanity. This flag will burn x4 Will burn.
Track Name: Drones
Crushing a child's dream, how would you like your house to be quarantined? Walking on the bones of the deceased. By immigrants terrorists, a metallic spitting fire machine. There's still blood on your hands. Lifeless bodies beneath the sand. Murderer, we're not the worlds police. Slavery, come to the conclusion. Heresy, we don't need other nations on knees. Genocide, you make deals with demons. Is this any way to run a country? Is there an honest politician in the house? Poisonous venom drips from your forked tongues?
Track Name: Sheol
Whispers, growling, throbbing brain cycles. A mallet of hate and sickle of pain. x2 My consciousness slips through his fingers. x2 If I could feel it would be all over for me. I would be all over for me. I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't comprehend. Always searching, for a substance that sustains, my melted over and deceased brain. This black smoke isn't the only pair of hands, that have clenched my throat. 10 seconds. I only had seconds.
Track Name: Brother
I've gripped him from the inside. Torn every working organ. Failure of the human body, has never been a more diabolical plan. And I rest with a smile on my face. If there is a cure, if there is an objective. Vengeance x3 Our suits and our ties, tie the knot, to this nations belief. Of our security, of our peace, and of our safety. Our ties are our nooses, our nation will be our grave. Tombstones x3 If you had a pulse I would seize it. If you had a throat I would cut it. If you had a heart I would break int. To the feel the pain and suffering of this family. These blood stained walls will tell a story of your demise. Because of my revenge. Your body is full of vacuity, you are my nightmare. You collapsed my hope, and my world. Desolated my will for life. You killed my family from the inside. You killed me from the inside. You killed from the inside.

Is this the life you've chose? Living as a pawn? The world is empty. The world is shallow. Abode of the dead. Grave, pit, hell. Corporate greed. Corporate imposters of the human, race. Lust. Famine. The world is a game. True evil is life and death in the hands of humans. Ignorance, hatred. We are all broken. We are all empty. We are all dead inside. Sheol, oh lonely sheol. My only home. Without his grace, I am nothing. Without your grace, I am nothing.